how the game works

It's a Scrabble spin on a Poker Run. Participants receive Scrabble letter tiles at the start, and pick up more letter tiles at each stop on the group ride. Sign-up in advance and get DOUBLE starting letters plus your pin! 

Letter tiles can be traded, or couples can combine them too. More letter tiles can be purchased on the route, with all of the proceeds going to the charity.

Prizes are awarded at the end of the ride for word categories that we'll surprise you with that day... past word categories have included Green Bay Packer player names, Stripper Names, and things heard in a casino or at The Full Throttle. 

Previous year word game prizes have included a stay in a deluxe cabin at Edge of the Dells Resort, an autographed Super Bowl Champs Packers ball, a HD flag autographed by Willy G Davidson, a VIP overnight-stay package from Ho-Chunk Casino, a Harley Davidson cooler, and cold-hard cash! 

Plus we award over 50 door prizes on the route including Movie Passes, WaterPark passes, and more.

At the conclusion of the ride,  a Last-Call is announced so everyone can submit their word game entries for judging.  Entries must be spelled correctly and make sense with the category they've been entered in.  Judging is done by ride volunteers, and is final.  

$25 per person advance registration includes:  Scenic group ride on back country roads, Support vehicle, ride pin, First 4 Scrabble letters, Door Prize Entry, Picnic dinner plate at the end of the ride.